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REMARK: I reserve the right not to realize all the requests.
Request an amps by comments.


ЗАМЕЧАНИЕ: я оставляю за собой право не реализовать все запросы.
Запрашивайте усилители в комментариях.


Request Area – место запросов: 102 комментария

  1. Вадим, thumbs up and high five! Decent sims, very sweet and tasty lol Keep up the good work, nevermind the bullshit and stay as inspired and enthusiastic as u r. God help ye, man!…oh, I almost forget, my reqeust is as follows:
    Bogner Uberschall
    Marshall JVMSatch
    and …

  2. First of all thank you for these they are excellent. I look foward to your future releases. There seems to be a problem with your amps in Cubase 6, they work fine @48k sample rate but they become unusable @44. Any Idea why this would be happening? Other than that keep up the excellent work!

  3. Thank you for these amp sims. The Boogie Mark III was the answer for my quest for classic 80’s Mark III sounds. I’ve struggled for a long time to get those sounds. Then just yesterday I found this amp sim and loaded it up. With just the twist of a few knobs…and the sound was there. The sound I’ve been looking for. As for a request, what are your thoughts on another classic, old school sound, like the Galien Krueger 250ML? There are no amp sims of this unique sound anywhere that I am aware of. Thanks again!

    • Hello Mark, thank you for trying this amp sim, it’s very important for me to know the opinion.

      Sorry I’m saying that, but this VST effect doesn’t simulates all the couple between Mark III components as well it doesn’t simulate schematics, it was built by ear, comparing real one and simulation result like a/b. So I’m glad you find this thing useful.

      A little tip. Try to put hard limiter in front of this amp and decrease gain amount; it will allow you to get tubelike tone.

      By the way, I’ll take a look on that amp. Then I will be able to decide; is my skills are good enough to simulate one or not.

    • Hey mate! Thanks for opinion.

      Back to request, my lack is that I’ve never used mac and don’t know what the way it works, so I can’t make anything for it. But take a look on another great stuff! Definitely check out Mercuriall tomato preamp, mercuriall jcm800 preamp (standard 2203 and hot mod), mercuriall harlequin mk1 preamp, kuassa amplification one preamp, AXP SoftAmp 3OD, Ignite Amps (preamps and power-amps), TSE (preamps and power-amps), Lepou (preamps and power-amps).

      All amps has been listed here are free, has native mac and au support. If you can’t get decent sound with them, try to put equalizer dialed in front of them; if you can’t do that right, please read my next topic I’m going to write a bit later.

      All the best,

  4. First of all, awesome work you do here! Amazing, really. I’m planning on doing a demo of all your amps somewhere in the future for Youtube, if that’s fine with you.
    As for the requests, I would love to see a Deacy Amp, a Blackheart HotHead and a Mesa Mark V. Thanks!

  5. Здравствуйте, Вадим. Было бы очень приятно увидеть от вас ENGL Powerball, да и вообще что либо Энгловское. Был бы крайне рад реализации вами этого сабжа)

  6. Hi there, greetings from Argentina.
    Nice job here, dude! Really impressive!!!!
    Although Im a little late with last plugins, I must say the work very well I use Cubase 4, in WinXP, and it runs very well (I dont feel the need to newer versions…).
    There are a few amps Id, such as Orange Dark Terror, maybe Randall RG100 (the Dime’s one), maybe some Fryette (there is an existing scheme, made by tracing from images from the actual.amp, a Deliverance).
    ‘Bout the VH4, I have somewhere in my computer the scheme, in case you may
    Cheers, and thanx again!!!!

  7. Привет! Большое спасибо тебе за твои старания!! Сделай пожалуйста ПРЕАМП «Randall Thrasher». Заранее тебе спасибо и желаю тебе успехов в этом нелёгком труде.

  8. Thanks for your great work, your sims really are the best!
    Now I’m missing only EVH 5153 & Framus Cobra sims 😉

    After those, developers should focus on making better IR’s,
    or invent some new & better cab modelling technology,
    since that’s where the difference between VST-guitars & amp-cab-mic guitars are!

  9. Вадим, привет. Столкнулся с такой проблемой при использовании твоих симуляторов. При нормально записанной DI дорожке, с нормальной громкостью просто ацкое колличество гейна даже при минимальнос значении ручки гейна на моделях месы и кранка. Это так и задумано или баг? По запросу Очень давно ищу Mesa mark V. Знаю что Axe fx имеют очень правдоподобный саун в этом направлении. И ещё очень бы хотелось заиметь симуляцию Earforce II, если ты знаком с таким производителем.

    • Привет, Lego. Да, при «снятии» звука со схемы коррекция входного уровеня не учитывалась — регулируйте его на свое усмотрение

      С earforce дела не имел никогда, марк V очень похож на Mark III, впрочем все усилки-марки сильно друг на друга похожи.

      • А как насчёт сделать марк 4 чистый канал? Другие я вживую, к сожалению, не слушал, но именно этот мне очень понравился! Да и вообще VST усилителей с качественным чистым каналом не так много.

      • Да можно попробовать сделать. Только имеется одно большое но. Чистый канал именно лампового усилителя звучит так плотно не от перегруза, а из-за эффекта SAG преда, мощника и кабинета. Так что здесь придется симулировать сразу весь тракт целиком.

  10. You brought us some of the most incredible sounding amp vsts I might say, good job! I unfortunately have encountered a problem with the last version of the Mark III you uploaded. Everytime I load it on my Cubase 5 32bit it shows only two knobs (volume and drive) and a series of presets, and I can’t change EQ settings. The 1.0 version works fine, though I can’t save any preset

    • День добрый, только при наличии пары DI/Reamp или схемы.

      Через усилок нужно реампить данный мною диайник, инструкции вышлю позднее, когда вы найдете человека, который сделает реамп.

  11. But make sure that best results can be obtained only by use of full effects stack, What I mean is that such effects as boosters, amp sims, impulse loaders and other effects must be opened in one environment, e.g. mini host, so you just feed your chain last effect into the first effect of your chain with some volume down and equalization. That’s what feedback is.

  12. Вадим, здравствуйте, многие усилители уже смоделированы, но вот Engl invader или Savage нигде не встречал. Было бы здорово… особенно второй. И схемы, вроде бы, есть. Большой поклонник вашего Дизеля, очень классный звук. Но Энглы ближе) С уважением.

  13. Hey there! First of all, thank you so much for all of your effort. These are the best sounding amps sims by far…
    And that would be awesome if you consider modeling one of these:
    Budda Superdrive 18, Orange Rockerverb and Hughes & Kettner Triamp

  14. Hello Vadim! I am a big fan of your vst’s so thank you! I was wondering if you can try to make one of a 50 watt VHT PITTBULL. These are the most unique sounding high gain amps out there. They are awesome! Thanks

  15. Hello vadim. First of all congratulations and thank for the great work you do. I’ve been looking for some time a vst emulation of the overdrive of a Marshall JCM 2000 DSL , specifically the Lead 1 of channel B (ultra gain channel) , because it is a rock overdrive that I love (maybe my favorite). Another distortion that I really like is the dirty channel of Orange TH 30. Thank you.


  16. Hey, not sure if you’re still making these, but I would LOVE a simulation for the Randall V2 Hybrid amplifier… it has a comprehensive graphic EQ which I love and use a lot.

    Also, if you can do pedals, I’d love a Rocktron Silver Dragon simulator… thanks in advance, awesome stuff out there already! You’ve got a new fan.

    • Hi! Unzip the dll files into your DAW’s VSTPLUGINS directory and activate them by learning your DAW’s manual. DAW stands for Digital Audio Workstation which means it is a software to work with digital audio and apply effects on it including my effects. Such software could be: Ableton Live, Adobe Audition, Sony SoundForge, Image-Line FL Studio, Cockos Reaper, Cubase, Sonar and etc.

      Привет! Распакуйте файлы dll в папку VSTPLUGINS, которая закреплена за вашим хостом и активируйте их, изучая руководство пользователя вашей DAW. DAW — Digital Audio Workstation — Станция обработки звука — хост, программа, с помощью которой происходит работа со звуком, с ней можно применять звуковые эффекты, включая мои. Такой программой может быть: Ableton Live, Adobe Audition, Sony SoundForge, Image-Line FL Studio, Cockos Reaper, Cubase, Sonar и прочие.

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