Ola Englund’s inspired amp June 28, 2015


Randal Solar v1.6 Looking for a decent amp? Here is what you need. Solar2Features: Standard pre amp controls, scuh as gain, volume, bass, mid, treble. Girth allows to control low end gain, grind allows to control high-end gain. Reduced CPU usage. You can get it here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BymHaRd-ogL7eXVLS3dZMGZhMnM/view?usp=sharing

Audio demos: Rock: https://soundcloud.com/trace-vega/r8-solar-wildside Metal: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bht1s4OMw4Q


Randal Solar v1.6 Ищите хороший усилок? Вот что вам нужно. Solar2Возможности: — стандартные для усилителей ручки gain, volume, bass, mid, treble. Ручка Girth позволяет регулировать усиление на низких частотах, ручка Grind — на высоких.

Вы можете скачать его здесь: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BymHaRd-ogL7eXVLS3dZMGZhMnM/view?usp=sharing

Примеры звучания: Рок: https://soundcloud.com/trace-vega/r8-solar-wildside Метал: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bht1s4OMw4Q


Ola Englund’s inspired amp June 28, 2015: 35 комментариев

    • Hello Victor. Glad you like them!

      I’m sorry you can’t donate yet, but I’m going to make «donate» button a bit later 🙂

      As to diezel, I can’t as there is no any schematics of amp. The only thing I can do — make a very approximated «inspired by» amp.


  1. I will DEFINITELY donate money and follow you future work with excitement 🙂
    You should team up with some big-name plugin brand!
    The only trouble I’m having is that when I save a track preset in Cubase with the Randal amp, the settings on the Randall becomes the default settings whenever I load it again. Will this be fixed in the future?
    Thanks again for amazing plugins

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  3. my name is Mike Papaleontiou and I am studying music technology at UEL (University of East London)
    my graduation project is about amps and amp models.
    I will try to prove that amp simulation can work as well as the real amps would in a music production!
    Could you please give me any information you might have on how amp simulations / models work?
    And which is the exact prosedure for making them?
    Could you suggest amp models I should check?

    can I have an e-mail adress to contact you?


    thanks in advance

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