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I have been searching for decent rock and blues tone with vst for so long! There are some simulators that performs well, especially roxolder ones. But I tried to make my own amp from scratch without any reference, just my own amp.ImageDownload 32-bit PC VST:


Я так долго ищу хороший рок и блюз звук с vst плагинами! У нас есть несколько неплохих симуляторов, которые неплохо с этим справляются, среди них хотелось бы особенно отметить roxolder. Но я все-же попытался создать свой усилок с нуля, без оглядки на какой-либо эталон, полностью свой усилитель.ImageСкачать 32-bit PC VST:


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    • you need to clip signal. Clipping is distortion. Use low pass, high pass and their combinations as filters to replicate frequency characteristics of each stage.

      filtering + clipping + their variations = amp or distortion pedal.

      Use free LT Spice IV circuits simulator to copy analog schematics into computer. Then put wires to the ends of each stage to get staged output. Then match each synthmaker stage (module) to rendered in lt spice stage with filters and clippers.

  1. thanks again! I will try that out. Do you use given Modules in Synthaker, if so, which ones, or do you code them by yourself? and i don`t think you would share a flowstone file, do you?

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