The Knight — HASR reissue


This one simulates a preamp of allegedly — Baron K88 with some mod. One of the first of amp sims featuring first versions of my harmonics synthesis system.

Thanks goes to Luan Albani for making new wonderful graphics.

Download 32 and 64-bit PC VST:

This version is a reissue made for «Honest Amp Sim Reviews», you can find it in this pack:

Yell 100, Lead Ch, mode 1 reissue

Yell 100 is an all tube guitar amp that was designed by Wowa as a non-commercial for «some guy» — let’s put it into a category of «Russian Customs». Who is that guy? I don’t know. The amp reamps were provided and thus VST plug-in was made out of them.

27 September, 2020 update: The VST has been reissued from the version of 9 March, 2015, with a minor yet very effective trick to make it sound better on clean-to-low-gain zone, something I didn’t know then, I have implemented now so it sounds better, I promise.

The quality of simulation surrenders to that I have in my most recent works but it still sounds very good on its own. Perhaps, I will continute the work on Yell 100 later and now there is only Lead Channel, mode 1 presented, the preamp only as well.


Download 32 and 64-bit Windows VST (press «Скачать» if this is a Yandex link, if the download limit was reached then I apologize, you must register there and save the file into your own «disk» in order to download it):

Yandex Disk links:

Teaser — Heftige Ventildeckel IV



Good tone, powerful punchy attack and quite mooth gain structure. July 5 update decreases CPU consumption 3 times in comparison to the previous version and closer tone wise. Version from July 9 also enhances the tone and solves 100% CPU load on silence. Version from July 12 fixes stuttering effect on scores played with a relatively high tempo.

25 September 2020: The VST has been reissued and «rebranded».

Loosely based on VH4 amp, ch3. Please make sure this is just a «reissue» there is nothing new except fancier graphics, so this is 2014 approach I had and it’s really old.

Download Windows 32 and 64-bit VST (press «Скачать»):

Krunkenstein, HASR reissue


An old attempt at simulating preamp of Krankenstein.
Thanks goes to Vladimir Titov for lt spice schematics and Luan Albani for new graphics.

Download 32 and 64-bit PC VST:

This version was made for «Honest Amp Sim Reviews» and can also be found here:

Old version review by Bestplugins (David Fau):